Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Apps and Database review areas / points

Oracle Database Server Review Points / Areas

Initialization & listener parameter
AWR, Alert.log, listener log, OS watcher, RDA
Invalid Objects, Indexes and fragmentation
Tablespaces, Data files, log files and control files
Custom objects in SYSTEM tablespace & SYSTEM tablespace as default tablespace
Stats job schedule
Chained rows
Workload balancing/distribution in clustered environments
Database Patch level, de-support, and patching strategy (CPU, one off)
Server disk space for DB growth, Archive log, backup destination
Server level pre-req’s, errors, warnings & background jobs
Database Backup and Recovery
Database Monitoring and alerting system
Database Disaster Recovery solution
Debugging latch contention, hangs, crashes & locking issues

Oracle Applications Infrastructure Review (eBS) Points / Areas

Database review as per earlier slide
Application Technical Architecture
Application Backup and Recovery
Application Security, Audit, and security profile options
Standard Manager programs and it’s parameters
Application Monitoring and alerting system
Application Disaster Recovery solution
Application Patch level, de-support, and patching strategy
Network (Latency and Bandwidth)
JDBC connection parameters
Forms & Reports server
Standard Concurrent Manager
Recommendation on best practices for routine administrative tasks etc.

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